Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

  • Series
  • Completed
  • ドラゴンボールGT 悟空外伝! 勇気の証しは四星球(スーシンチュウ), Dragon Ball GT: Goku Gaiden! Yuuki no Akashi wa Suushinchuu, Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy, Dragon Ball GT: 100 Years After - TV Special
  • 1
  • 2.127
  • Super Power, Special, Shounen, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Action
  • Mar 26, 1997


Years after the end of the Dragonball GT, the story continues in this special with Son Goku's now eldery granddaughter Pan, and a new generation of super saiyajins, the great-great-grandsons of Goku and Vegeta 100 years after the end of DBGT, all the heroes of Earth have died...except for Pan, the granddaughter of Son Goku. Pan has a grandchild named Goku Jr. However, he does not have the bravery of his great-great-grandfather. Pan suffurs a heart attack, and Goku Jr. believes that he might be able to save her with the power of the 4 star Dragon Ball. Along with the school bully, he tries to find the ball...and unleashes his hidden bravery and power.

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